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Loved Up

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Instructions:  The following questions are designed to help you access some of your favourite memories & best moments of your life with your partner.  Complete this questionnaire separately, without showing your answers to your partner.  You only have to answer the questions that immediately inspire you.  If nothing comes to mind for a particular question, don't worry about it - skip it & move to the next.  When you are finished please return the forms to us so we can work our magic.

What did you first notice about your partner?
If you could have one character trait of your partner's what would it be & why?
What is one of the sweetest / most romantic things your partner has ever done for you?
What stands out most about the moment you proposed / were proposed to?
When do you feel most loved by your partner?
Does your partner have any secret / hidden talents? If so describe one of your favourites:
What is most important to your partner?
Recount one of the times you were proud of your partner:
When are you most attracted to your partner?
What does your partner do to try & cheer you up when your not feel in well?
Whats on of the wildest / most adventurous things you've ever done with your partner?
When is your partner at their best / happiest / most fulfilled?
Whats one thing your partner does to make you laugh?
What's your favourite physical feature of your partners and why?
Describe your memories around the moment you first realised was more special to you than a typical friend?
Recount a moment your partner surprised you in a way that made you love them more
Why did you fall in love with our partner?
Why are you still in love with your partner?
What is one endearing thing about your partner only someone who knows them very well would know?