Poppy Moss Photography



Hey guys! We have absolutely loved working with your product and getting to know the Burnt Hill brand over the past few weeks. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to explore our vision for your social media imagery.

In a nutshell, we have worked hard to try capture Burnt Hill in a fresh, exciting, and thoughtful way that stays true to your foundations as a proudly New Zealand premium vodka. Your brand guidelines have been at the forefront of our styling decisions, particularly in terms of incorporating your colour palette creatively and maintaining Burnt Hill’s connection to the natural world. We understand that Burnt Hill has a distinct identity and it’s our job to present that visually. We’ve achieved this by creating a broad variety of images from portrait studio shots to natural landscapes, all incorporating a custom filter created just for you. Each photo presents an opportunity for us to share another part of your story in the message that accompanies it; from the inclusion of the beautiful Kānuka flower in your logo, to a detailed look at your eco-friendly bottle top. Let our carefully curated words and images bring your followers on the Burnt Hill journey.