Poppy Moss Photography


Hitch'd Wedding Show 2015

Here is a few snaps of the Hitch'd Boutique Wedding Show I had the privilege of being apart of in May this year.  It was held at the Sapphire Room in Ponsonby (great location, just above/right next to Burger Burger yum!) 

Eek! This was my stand!  Not bad for a couple of days thought.  The flowers really made my stand ka-pow! Carla from Devon Lilly Flowers does such an amazing job, decoding my mumbo jumbo requests.  My banner was printed by Raymond Artist (aka my Dad!).  Everything else (minus the grass) was picked up from around the house!

I had a slide show on my computer just ticking over the summers weddings...... Also instead of giving out flyers I gave out framed prints from my holiday around south and central America, with my business card attached.  I hope they don't get tossed out as quickly as a flyer. Hehe

Light Letters is such a great Idea!  The entrepreneurs behind this great idea are amazing people!  I shot Kate and Tanes wedding last summer and they had a big "YAY" behind their head table.  So effective and just amazing! Brooke is the gorgeous lady who looks after you.

If you are looking for a videographer - Ben from Side Project is absolutely amazing.  I have worked with him on weddings before and I have been across some really annoying videographers who get in the way and still don't produce amazing work.  Ben captures the essence and beautiful moments between you and works well with photographers too! Big thumbs up from me for sure!  Here are a few snaps of his cool stall below.

Two Foxes Styling.....AMAZING!! Love their style and most all their cool laid back personalities.  They are just so lovely to hang out with.  The were right behind my stall so I spent a lot of time on their couch (perhaps just at the end of each day).

Need stationary?  I love Harlan Creatives Style.  Seriously the black chalk boards are amazing as well as all the design suites she comes up with. And below are some pics of the most magnificent cake I've ever seen.