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Photo Credit - Milon Tesiram

Photo Credit - Milon Tesiram

When I was a bride I was always curious about who was behind the "business" and I could never find a whole lot.  There is some amazing people out there like Jasmine Star - a brilliant photographer from the states who just shares her life and her knowledge with anyone and everyone.  I feel like I know her!  Makes her work feel so much more authentic and beautiful.  So I thought - hmm, might have to share with my gorgeous couples and potential couples a little bit about me.  

My name is Catherine Te Reo - I am 28 year old Maori Chinese kiwi. My Dad is Maori/Chinese and my Mum is Maori/European.  People call me Cat or Catty.  Funnily enough no one calls me Catherine except for my cute little half brother and sister.  I laugh and giggle too much for starters - being a goofball is great for making people feel at ease in front of the camera.  Im not a super quick thinker - so if you tease me, i'll most likely just giggle and have a great "come back" 5 minutes later (I just like to think that I'm just too nice to get down like that) haha.

Last year, September 27th, I married my best friend Caleb.  We chose this date as it was our 10th anniversary.  Im a little bit of a geek like that.  I love anniversaries, Valentines day, Christmas day, any holiday just throw them my way.  We had a south american/mexican themed wedding as Caleb proposed to me while we were in that part of the world.  We wanted to bring a little piece of our holiday back for our nearest and dearest.  We met at school and have just grown together over the years.  It doesn't seem like 10 years thats for sure!

I love going to the beach (I mean who doesn't?).  But if I go to the beach, its not without my surfboard and wet suit.  Otherwise theres no point in getting wet, I'll just sit there with a crispy cold beer or cider and soak in the sun.  I also love to dive.  A passion my husband and I both share.  The best diving for me would be in Mexico off the coast of the Yutucan Peninsular.  The water is so clear - much like the water you drink (just salty).  The fish are just crazy!  All these awesome little rainbow fish with glowy eyes.  

I am pretty sure I failed high school photography - not a good look I know.  But I took it up again at University and really bloomed.  I was awesome at using medium format cameras and film.  It wasn't until I met Ange a few years ago she taught me how to use a digital camera.  I think one day I will go back to film - it has this beautiful painterly look about it.

I love to travel, something my mother always enforced.  I haven't been to many places, but I have managed to save my pennies to spend in Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Hawaii, LA, New York, Raro - I guess I like bright and colourful places!  I would absolutely love to visit Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, there are so many places, I just need more time, money and not have to buy an overpriced Auckland home.  I would love to build a tree house to live in.  

I live to work - I love my job so much i think its still a little bit crazy.  If there is something that I don't want to do - I won't do it.  Its true what they say "why do something that makes you unhappy?".  I used to work a 9 till 5 job that I was not passionate about - found PoppyMoss and now I'm in heaven.  Where does the name come from you ask?  A few wines and a flower dictionary.  Boring I know - I need to make up an exciting story hehe. 

Catty x




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