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Wedding Albums

I absolutely love the look and feel of having your precious wedding photos in print.  It's a highlight reel of one of the coolest most love filled days of your lives.  Having a customised wedding album sitting on your coffee table to show friends and family when they visit is so much cooler than cracking out the USB.

All albums have a linen cover with a number of colours to choose from.  All pages are Cotton Rag (1.1mm) (which means that they are nice thick pages that lay flat when the book is opened).  There are 30 spreads or 60 pages to decorate with photos and you have the option of adding more pages if you like.  The text on the front comes in a range of foils like Gold and silver or white. There we go!  So easy!.

Album Colours: 

Ash | Biscuit | Mint | Salt and Pepper | Sapphire | Vanilla Bean


Embossing Options

Large Text Emboss

The albums on display on the page are all Large Text - Depending on what size album you decide on there is a max amount of 18 letters for the 12x12, 15 letters for the 10x10 or 13 letters for the 8x8 .

Small Text Emboss

Position: Front Bottom Right, maximum 60 Letters. Font Vrinda 16pt (5.6mm)

Embossing Colours

A variety of colours!

Clam Shell Box

Made in the same colour of your album and embossed. This is an optional extra but well worth the investment to keeping your album safe for generations to come.

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Postal Address
What would you like on the cover of your album? eg. (Large Text) Alex & Sophie | Alex + Sophie (Small Text - also note it will be on a single line) Alex and Sophies Wedding 12.12.17
8x8 $280 10x10 $300 12x12 $350