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Wedding photography should capture absolutely everything on your big day! We want to capture the fun, the emotion, the oops moments and even the little handwritten tags.

Every detail of your big day has been meticulously planned, so we love to capture not only you, but also your guests and small details that make your wedding intimately yours.

We want you to be yourselves, we like to shoot like Ninjas - hardly seen or heard unless needed. We love to direct or take direction! Chilled, arty and fun is what we aim for.

It is so important to hire a photographer that knows their craft, and who can anticipate moments before they happen so they are perfectly placed to snap the shutter.

We at Poppy Moss specialise in weddings, engagements and couples sessions. We are passionate about photography and crafting that perfect image for you.

Thank you for considering Poppy Moss to be your wedding photographers. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know more about you and your big day.


Hi there!!

My name is Catherine and photography is my favourite creative outlet because I love to capture the world the way I see it. I like to stand back and watch but sometimes I like to jump in there and get to know it.

I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Auckland and I’ve basically set out in the last 7 years of shooting weddings to break all the rules of what I learn’t (just joking, but a lot of them!). I know my camera like the back of my hand and I love it how my fingers can dance around the camera changing settings and snapping photos without even really thinking about it.

I love the great outdoors, I love to surf (just the lazy waves), I can't get enough of Argentinean BBQ (Mmmm), and I love a good red wine in winter and a crispy cool beer in the summer.

How would I describe my style?  I love bright, bold and shooting in beautiful soft light, I love to be that piece in the puzzle that brings out your inner super model for the camera even without knowing it.  I'm not one to make you read a letter several times, or hang your dress 4 times. I'm like a CCTV camera but just a million more times awesome (a combination of talent and awesome cameras).  Most of all though, I like to laugh, smile and tease - making a pretty cool wedding day - I'm like your shadow the whole day! 

I married my best friend who I started dating in high school (lets say I'm no spring chicken!).  I've just become a Mama to a little beauties Olivia and Kieran. They keep me on my toes and they keep me inspired. Its been the most amazing roller coaster of a ride and being a Bride and a parent - I feel all the more wiser! 

Catherine Tamihere

Above is a snippet of Poppy Moss in action.  Thank you Milon Tesiram from Chillbox Creative...Your amazing :)

Client Feedback

"My husband and I recently got married in Rarotonga. We knew the day was going to be amazing but it was so important to us who would capture it. We thought that if we are going all the way to Rarotonga then we need to take the best with us to capture our wedding in a way that would be unforgettable and that is why we chose 'PoppyMoss' (Catty). My mind was in the clouds the few days before the wedding but Catherine had organized a meeting with myself and the videographer to run through the wedding day! I trusted her work so much, I just expected her to show up and work her magic! When she calls herself a ninja on the day, it is no joke! She literally captures the moments you didn't expect and you would think there were three of her! She really does bring out that inner model hiding inside you! Those moments you share by yourself before the wedding are so important and she allows you to have those moments without feeling like someone else is in the room - I do believe that there must be an art in capturing the moments and having a photographer who is so aware of it and is able to make you feel incredibly comfortable. 

When we received our photos, tears fell down my face because I felt like I was reliving that moment all over again! The things that she captured had such incredible meaning to them. One picture in particular was when my brother was officiating our wedding and she captured a beautiful shot of him reading and me so deeply looking and listening to him! Some shots you wander how they are even possible but that is definitely the inner Ninja in her!! 

We are so thankful that we could have Catty come to Rarotonga because I don't think our day would have been captured the way it was without her. We truly believe that your money is worth more than just the photos because the experience that she creates and captures makes every penny worth it (One thing we truly believe is essential to your big day). 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Catty because when you spend months or years planning a wedding and the day comes, it is over faster than you anticipated! You have captured pictures that will live on for the rest of our lives and we are so thankful that not one single detail has been left out and all our hard thought out work has been captured. Thank you for capturing such amazing photos that we will be proud to one day share with our Grandchildren."

-Fred and Lisa Fa'afou. 

"Hey Catty!  The photos are absolutely amazing! Wayne and I are so very happy with them and cannot believe the genuine purity of emotions that you have caught on our very special day! Going through them all brought back very happy and loving memories that we cannot wait to share with all our friends and family! My parents and Wayne's parents LOVE them as well!

Everyone in our family and all of our friends loved you so very much and felt that you did such an amazing job at the wedding! I am so blessed that Tatyana introduced me to you, as a person and as a business woman you have such a beauty and talent for this profession and Wayne and I are so lucky to have had you as a part of our day!

Our photo frame is hanging up on our wall and every day I stare at it with a HUGE smile across my face!"

- Steph and Wayne


"Hi Cat, last night we plugged the USB into the TV and sat and watched a slide show of our wedding. It was such an amazing experience, the photos took us straight back to our wedding day, bought all the emotion back. Waaaay better than watching My Kitchen Rules!  

You captured our wedding perfectly. It was heart-warming for me to see Tony’s expression when he saw me coming down the aisle, and photos of our guests reaction to our ceremony. I was too pre-occupied to have been able to take all this in on the day, so has been an amazing to be able to see it now. Tony loved being able to see the pics of me and the bridesmaids getting ready at Mums, plus the pics of me having a bit of a meltdown in the car when I arrived at Bracu!

Seeing our wedding in such amazing pictures was an incredible experience. Thank you so much for not just capturing images, but all the love and emtion that went with our wedding. You are so good at what you do".

- Kelly and Tony


"WE LOVE OUR PHOTOS!!! Thank you so much. We've literally gone through them every night this week! We had hardly seen any snaps from our wedding so it has been awesome going back through and re-living the day. It is going to be so hard to pick which ones to print out and decide what to do with them. I want them all up around the house!!

There are so many special moments that have been captured. I love the candid shots as well as the ones we posed for. So wonderful. The light is so beautiful in so many shots."

- Ally and Rory


“Just wanted to send a note to say a massive thank you thank you thank you to you and Ange for our incredible photos, we just LOVE them. Such a beautiful and apt record of a truly wonderful day for us. It meant so much and was so special to us, and you have really captured the feeling and sense of it all just perfectly. We’ve had so many lovely comments and likes from friends and family, and everyone wants copies!! Loved the way you put together the package too, just beautiful, you guys are awesome on details”.

- Sarah and Zack


“We LOVE the photos. We spent over 2 hours last night going through them nice and slowly, savoring each one! They’re uploading onto my computer right now, so it’s chugging along. Haha. We’re going to send you a proper thank you note when we get our acts together, but in the mean time, thank you for everything- you’ve been so great”

- Rachel and Jaime


"Omg Cat - received our photos yesterday, looked at them last night and they are incredible!  They are 10 times better than we expected, thank you thank you thank you!  And love the beautiful frame, thank you again"

- Denise and Kevin


"Oh wow Cat!  You are so clever!  I absolutely LOVE them!  Never thought that our wedding photos would look this good.  Also can't believe that you managed to make our house look so cute!  Well done.  Thanks again!  You are the best and I am certain that my friends will use you in the future.  Loved you on the day as well.  You were so professional and friendly and we really appreciated your special efforts to be in Auckland on the day".

- Priyanka and Nikola


“Catherine & Angela from Poppy Moss are so talented and have become friends of ours since capturing the special moments of our big day. Their whimsical and fun approach to wedding photography was exactly what we were looking for. They have their finger on the pulse of what is trending internationally in terms of photography, and this was important to us as we didn’t want anything stuffy, formal or unoriginal”

– Sarah and Clint